Research and Teaching interests

Such as an Engaged Scholar, the focus is on Applied Research to understand and propose new relevant ideas for businesses so Evidence Based Management takes place.

All things business, but scoping down to main topics of interaction between study and working experience:

. Strategy & Innovation .

Differentiation strategy; New revenue streams; Change management; Innovation around the core solution; Primary sector & Commodities innovation; Large companies innovation barriers.

. Entrepreneurship .

Entrepreneur's motivation and success factors; Programs and Regulations; Economies and Sectors; Intra-entrepreneur.

. Startups & VCs .

Prediction Models (success / failure); VC's Decision Models; Economic Crisis Growth; Business Modeling; Organizational structuring; Scale-up & Venture Building.

. Marketing .

Go-to-market and Positioning; Internationalization; Creativity as success factor for brand; Advertising Production efficiency.

. Talent and Organizational Behavior .

Global / Remote teams management; Volunteering programs as retention factor; Power dependency on global bureaucratic's structure.